Apr 29,2020

La Vie Wine_MUSE Design Awards 白金獎

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La Vie Wine是一個基於會員資格的葡萄酒和烈酒社區,通過對舊的廢棄地下室內部進行振興而建立。









La Vie Wine is a membership based wine and spirits community built through the revitalization of an old abandoned basement interior. The site has an unique entrance from the street, with a modern vintage spiral staircase leading down into the cellar and lounge. The concept stages an experience of traveling through time from the modern streets of Taipei into another world where brick and mortar is the essence of architectural forms to compose a setting of wine tasting heritage and elegance. The space provides wine tasting, bidding, showcasing, and a wine cellar for personal collections. The project is located under an abandoned underground space with an already existing staircase leading up to the street entrance. The original use was for a large warehouse for nearby restaurants and small commercial spaces. The inspiration originated from taking elements from ancient caves and castle like architectural features to create a dramatic time traveling experience. The execution resulted in a multidisciplinary collaboration between architects, designers, graphic artists, movie set designers, wine display specialists, and painters. The project has been operating under a discrete manner and will continue to sustain this operation model. The project aims to be one of the most upscale and luxurious wine tasting experiences in Asia and will develop more ties and collaboration with other well known brands and product in the industry.